Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of stories do you feature?
A: Any story format is welcome. For instance, it can be a short story, a theater play, a multi-media performance, a song etc.

Q: Does the story have to be based on modern science, or could it also be based on indigenous knowledge?
A: While our initiative foregrounds storytelling based on science, we also encourage storytelling based on indigenous forms of knowledge, especially when they can be put in conversation with science.

Q: When my story is featured, can people contact me (the author)?
A: Yes. The easiest way to be contacted is to include for instance a link to your website in the text you provide in the Synopsis.

Q: Should stories be in English?
A: Yes, please.

Q: Is there a minimum and maximum length?
A: If you are submitting a text excerpt it should be 500 – 2000 words
If you are submitting a video link it can be up to 20min

Q: In what format should the story be submitted?
A: For text, please submit pdf, docx, doc, rtf, zip or txt
For videos, please submit a Vimeo link or youtube link

Q: What happens after I have submitted my story?
A: You will hear from us within 2 weeks whether your story will be featured.

For Further Questions please use the contact form below: